10 totally unexpected things people have found in their yards

Treasures can be found anywhere, and the ground is the perfect place to find them.

Often the most beautiful archaeological finds are discovered where they aren’t expected, that is to say, in people’s yards.

Here are 10 unusual objects found in yards, by people like you and me.

1. A Ferrari

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In 1978 in Los Angeles, two children were digging in their yard. Suddenly, their shovel hit something hard. When they continued to dig, they finally unearthed a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. After a police investigation, it turned out that this car was stolen. Nevertheless, given the conditions of the discovery, the police quickly came to the conclusion that it was possibly insurance fraud. The car was handed over to the insurance company, and then it was sold at auction.  

Source: jalopnik

2. A prehistoric armadillo shell

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A young Argentinean named Jose Antonio Nievas was proud to show off his giant "dinosaur egg," which he found near his farm.

It was actually the shell of glyptodon, a prehistoric armadillo the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. The shell had a hole, probably the result of a fight with another animal of the same species.

Sources: dailymailnatureworldnews

3. Medieval treasure


Austrian Andreas K. found a real pirate’s treasure in his backyard. In fact, he unearthed a chest containing at least 200 very valuable jewels including rings, brooches, buckles, silver platters, etc.

Andreas kept the valuable booty in his cellar for two years. He remembered it when he moved and had it appraised. They were about 650 years old. The man finally decided to give his findings to the local museum as a gift.

Source: cbsnews

4. Meteorites, six times in a row

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The luckiest (or most unlucky) man in the world is in Bosnia. In fact, Radivoje Lajic discovered 6 meteorites in his yard, just in front of his porch. He had only to bend down to retrieve them. The chances of a meteorite falling so close are very thin, so imagine how rare it is to have 6 of them.

Scientists are speechless and have confirmed that they are indeed from space. But now, what worries them most is the magnetic field around this Bosnian man’s house, having attracted the meteorites. As for Radivoje, he took the opportunity to reinforce his roof with steel bars (just in case!).

Sources: metroweeklyworldnews

5. A perfectly preserved bomb shelter

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Chris and Colleen Otcasek bought a house in California that used to belong to an architect, which was built during the Cold War. The owner had told them that he had an underground bomb shelter buried in the backyard. In fact, the former owner had built it for himself.

That being said, some fifty years had passed since the Cold War. The couple thought they wouldn’t find anything there. And much to their surprise, they discovered that everything was in perfect condition. All the necessities were there, just like new.

Sources: scprdailymail

6. A tunnel leading to the Great Pyramid of Kheops

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A man living in the village of El Haraneya, near the legendary Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, had to do some work at home. So he started digging in his yard, when suddenly he came face to face with a strange tunnel. It was actually a tunnel that led directly to the Great Pyramid of Kheops.

This tunnel is authentic in fact, as it had been mentioned by Herodotus, a Greek historian who had visited Egypt.

Sources: ancient-originscairoscene

7. Thousand-year-old Indian bones

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Ali Erturk, is a 14-year-old American boy. He lives in Salt Lake City, and in 2014, while digging in his yard to create a pond, he found human remains.

His father immediately called authorities, and the police took the bones to take samples. It turned out that they belonged to an American Indian. The bones are about 1000 years old. Archaeologists went to the Erturk family’s yard to try to find other bones. This would make it possible to announce that the house had in fact been built on an Indian burial ground.

It must be appalling to find out that your home is built on a cemetery ...

Source: nydailynews

8. A bag with about $175,000 worth of marijuana

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In Los Angeles in 2012, Mack Reed was doing some work on his house. In fact, he wanted to install solar panels on his roof. When he entered his cellar, he discovered a bag containing jars, packs, and envelopes. When he opened them, he quickly realized that it was actually marijuana.

It seems that the bag was hidden by a third person when Mack wasn’t home, because he had never seen it before. Later it was estimated that the value of the booty was estimated at more than $175,000.

The homeowner left a note, in case the bag’s owner should happen to come back looking for the drugs. Instead, here's what he will find: " We’ve found the bag and called the police. They confiscated the drugs and put my house under surveillance. Sorry.”

Sources: aolhuffingtonpostlaweekly

9. One of the biggest hidden treasures in US history

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It was in 2013 that an American couple discovered a treasure in their backyard. Their dog led them to a rusty box that was sticking out of the ground. They were careful to get it out and open it. It contained an inestimable treasure: eight boxes, each containing coins dating from 1847 to 1894. The treasure was estimated at $27,980.

The coins were in mint condition and some of them even seemed new. The couple sold almost all the pieces at auction, and no one has been able to explain how this box ended up in their yard.

In the end, the total value of what came to be known as the "Saddle Ridge Hoard" was about $10 million.

Source: nationalgeographic

10. Dinosaur remains

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John Lambert lives in Ipswich, England. In 1997, he needed to build a fence around his house. His shovel hit what he thought was a big rock. He dug it up and then took it to his barn, where it "rested" for 16 years.

In 2013, he came across it again and decided to take this strange stone to specialists. The results of the analysis are incredible: it was actually a bone of a pliosaurus. This giant sea serpent lived between 60-250 million years ago.

Sources: bbc, dailymail

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