12 celebrities who had an excellent reaction to the paparazzi

When one is a famous personality, there’s another side of the coin – none other than the paparazzi.

These people believe that a celebrity’s life is everyone’s business. In order to get shots that will end up in the tabloids, they are constantly scheming to trap their prey.

This incessant harassment requires celebrities to be flawless day and night. The slightest flaw in how they look, their makeup, or anything else immediately makes headlines. This attitude annoys the stars who constantly show their disapproval of these stolen photos.

Some react very badly and aggressively, others prefer to ignore them, and a few of them use humor to try to undermine them.

Here are 12 celebrities who have shown intelligence in making the paparazzi understand that their presence is not welcome.

12. Harrison Ford

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11. Uma Thurman

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10. Jim Carrey


9. Ryan Gosling

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8. Benedict Cumberbatch

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7. Katy Perry

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6. Gerard Butler

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5. Dustin Hoffman

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4. Simon Cowell

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3. Bruce Willis

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2. Grant Gustin

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1. Leonardo DiCaprio

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Source: BrightSide