15 copies of famous brands that go too far

Anything is an excuse to trick the customer and make a profit.

Everyone knows that it’s ok to copy something that already exists by offering an additional innovation in order to stand out. This is how the business world works today. Except that some companies have no scruples and won’t hesitate a second to almost completely copy a large brand.

Although it’s often counterfeiting, some still hope to make a fortune with this type of idea... Here are 15 copied brands or counterfeits that will make you smile, even burst out laughing!

1. Here, everything suggests that these are Oreos, except the name of the product!

(C) Gainesy88  

2. The art of knowing whether this is a joke or not

(C) lofalsoquedamal  

3. It’s incredible that this kind of counterfeiting would be allowed on the market!

(C) Furbearingbrick  

4. When did Apple get involved in designing shoes?! 

(C) sam_jam  

5. Instead of Puma, here's Pumba! Simba’s the one who won’t be happy about being robbed of the spotlight!

(C) ebay  

6. Batman vs. Superman: The fight is real…even with backpacks! 

(C) SamCruise  

7. When Google makes paper towels too...

(C) SamCruise  

8. The Chinese are still the undisputed masters of counterfeit products

(C) BigusGeekus  

9. When the logo vaguely reminds you of something, as well as the shape of the bottle and probably the contents, but you don’t recognize the name of the product...

(C) shortie66  

10. Instead of KFC, here's OFC: Obama Fried Chicken

(C) Hotrod_Greaser  

11. When the size and color of the can is different, but everything else is the same... 

(C) DrKoffer  

12. You should know that in some countries, H & M also deals in fruits and vegetables.

(C) Mch8  

13. Instead of Apple, here's Pear! Imagination really has no limits... 

(C) MindOfReese  

14. Dave is not only the name of a 90s movie, but also a brand of soap! 

(C) thomastts  

15. When a huge fan of Facebook decides to open a restaurant, guess what he calls it...

(C) tombeardshaw  

Photo credit: tombeardshaw