15 people who captured the best day of their lives forever

When we refer to the best day of our lives, a wedding or birth of a baby usually come to mind.

While these things constitute happiness for some, this isn’t the case for everyone. In fact, the best day of one’s life might be nothing major at all: a smile, a promotion, helping someone, and so on. The important thing is to live this moment to the fullest, so it remains forever engraved in our memories. Luckily, today we have smartphones that allow us to immortalize this day on the internet!

Here are 15 people who captured the happiest day of their lives forever! And what’s your happiest day?

1. This guy and his girlfriend were upgraded to business class after takeoff 

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This smile says a lot: just like a kid! And there is good reason to be so ecstatic: a wider and longer massaging seat, high quality service, a refined menu, champagne and other unlimited drinks – business class is actually quite different from economy class!

2. This 99-year old lady was just arrested, and it’s exactly what she wanted!

(C) Politie Nijmegen-Zuid / facebook.com  

At 99, death can come at any time. For this reason, many older people make bucket lists. One Dutch lady’s bucket list included getting arrested. The police were kind enough to play the game and detained their prisoner for 2 minutes.

3. This couple is excited about their engagement

Since this photo was taken, Amanda and Todd got married and had a baby. They have silenced naysayers who were skeptical about their marriage, because Todd is disabled and uses a wheelchair.

4. This woman never stopped looking for a job and 2 years later, she’s employed again

(C) Rental soul / reddit.com  

Fortunately, perseverance pays off. This lady understands that! Her first day went very well, and she is thrilled to be back at work.

5. This young fan got some comic books straight from the author

(C) cessiguess / twitter.com  

A huge fan of Spiderman, this little boy received a bunch of comic books featuring his favorite superhero straight from Brian Michael Bendis. This gesture wasn’t for nothing; the boy was in a serious car accident and the author sent him these beooks to encourage him to get well soon.  

6. It’s going to be the best birthday of her life!

Audrey, who is 3 years old, asked her parents to throw her a birthday party based on the “poop” emoji. So all the balloons and the cake were poop-shaped, and her mom even made a poop costume, in addition to sewing the emoji on her daughter’s dress.

7. This homeless man got an extreme makeover

(C) La Salvajeria / facebook.com  

After living on the streets for 25 years, Jose Antonio was noticed one day by a beauty salon owner. The salon decided to give him a complete makeover. As a result, he’s now sporting the total hipster look. And with his newfound confidence, he even landed a job!

8. This blind guy dreamed of holding a cat

(C) reddit.com  

And here’s his dream fulfilled! This young man is often in the hospital, and at last got to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. The cat, on the other hand, doesn’t look quite as happy! 

9. This little boy is excited to see his mom

(C) WhatMichelleDoes / reddit.com  

And Michelle, his mom, is just as thrilled to see him. What a beautiful moment.

10. This man took advantage of an all-expense paid trip to Spain in place of his namesake

(C) Joe Mcgrath/facebook.com  

Here’s an extraordinary story! Joe McGrath took the place of his namesake, another Joe McGrath, to go on a trip to Spain, all expenses paid! At the last moment, the other Joe canceled and this Joe was there, so he was able to go, surrounded by his "friends" that he didn’t know. He didn’t regret his choice for a single second!

11. This man saw real colors for the first time in his life

(C) DSR/reddit.com  

There is a type of color blindness that prevents you from seeing the colors, but now it’s possible with special glasses. It was because of these glasses that this man finally discovered the splendors of nature and life. His reaction is equal to his emotion.

12. A wedding is a special moment, especially when Tom Hanks is in it!

Elizabeth and Ryan were taking their wedding pictures in Central Park in New York. And, purely by chance, Tom Hanks was jogging there at that very moment. He naturally approached them and decided to pose in some of the shots, making this event even more magical.

13. At 93 years old, Evelyn plays in the virtual world

(C) Politikz / imgur.com  

Virtual glasses are a real technological achievement. Evelyn did not want to miss out on that. Here’s the moment when she notices a dragon on the ceiling!

14. The first shot of this family is awesome

It’s rare to capture such a successful shot! Here’s a family that’s absolutely stunning. The newborn baby makes the family photo just gorgeous!

15. After 10 years of living together, this blind man finally sees his wife for the first time

(C) Tooup / reddit.com  

Thanks to bionic glasses, some blind people can recover some of their sight. This is the exact moment you’re witnessing here. The emotion is obvious, both for the man and his wife, as well as for everyone else there! 

Photo credit: pandafromhell / imgur.com

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