16 women get makeovers to show you the power of makeup

It's a fact, makeup can work miracles.

Thanks to some undeniable expertise, it’s possible to not have surgery. In fact, some shading here, a stroke there, and you get fuller lips and a narrower nose. But actually, to achieve such a level of makeup, it takes years of practice.

Whatever the case, 16 women from several countries around the world have played the makeover game. Here are their photos before and after makeup. You can barely recognize some of them! 

16. South Korea

15. USA

14. USA

13. Lebanon

12. Russia

11. USA

10. South Korea

9. Russia

8. USA

7. USA

6. Russia

5. Russia

4. USA

3. USA

2. Russia

1. Azerbaijan

Photo credit: goar_avetisyan / Instagram.com