20 naughty acts that will make people without kids laugh

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you left your children alone for a few minutes? In general, the rule is that if you don’t hear kids for a certain amount of time, it’s because they are concentrating hard on making a mess.

Here are 20 examples of what they can do in just a short time. It's very funny, as long as it isn’t happening to us personally... You'd better go see what’s going on... we've warned you.

1. And his brave dog let her do it!

2. Bubble party at the neighbors’

3. "Let me explain…"

4. It's never a good sign when you don’t hear them for a while.

5. A work of art that’s worth a fortune

6. He watched a little too much “Winnie the Pooh”

7. "My laptop!"

8. Two seconds alone and everything gets painted white

9. Poor dog!

10. "We don’t love you too much after what you did to our car!"

11. My nephew will be a movie director one day.

12. My daughter is a tyrant who imprisons her enemies

13. Bean bag + glue = lots of trouble

14. To each his bath

15. "It's nothing, Mom, just a little splatter."

16. She is left alone for 2 minutes and she gives the toilet a makeover

17. For true artists, any medium works

18. There goes my 3D flat screen TV

19. Leave her alone for 2 minutes and she turns into Chucky

20. "It wasn’t me…it was the dog."