25 situations that illustrate the fact that women work better than men

Making do with what we have – everyone knows and uses this system on a daily basis.

But you have to admit that men tend to abuse it much more than women! And the problem is that they don’t pay much attention to the dangers caused by certain situations.

Here’s a series of 25 pictures that show that women are more discerning and able to reason better than men.

1. A makeshift bridge over 30 feet up

2. Stacking tables on top of benches on top of stools can only be the work of a man 

3. They're not taking any risks...

4. The expression "beer is life" is definitely meaningful here

5. At times like this, we can measure the amount of trust we have in our coworkers

6. The famous counterweight theory

7. For sure, everything seems to be wedged properly, but losing your balance can happen so quickly

8. "Trust" is a term that men like to put to the test

9. Unfortunately, this picture hasn’t been edited...

10. Does cleaning windows really require taking such risks?

11. The desire for taking risks is undeniably a part of men's lives

12. Sometimes it's just better to be hot, right?

13. The 33rd floor?! No fear! Without any harness or safety equipment, and almost without hands!

14. One step to the side and it’s all over...

15. Hopefully he has good life insurance! 

16. Making shade with what we have...

17. What?! At least he’s wearing safety goggles!

18. In the rain + a wobbly set-up... Someone should already be calling 911!

19. When you’re a pro at repairing cars, but not a pro at safety

20. Getting a little stability clearly doesn’t mean ending up in the hospital

21. They were thinking that they were completing a challenge for a reality show

22. Indeed, electrocution is one of the rarest ways to die

23. When the baggage handler is a master at Tetris

24. And to think that it was probably an engineer who encouraged him to do this

25. No: it’s not a good idea to try all of MacGyver’s tricks yourself