30 non-altered photographs taken a few seconds before an inevitable fall

Pictures capture magical moments.

Some of these remarkably immortalize the circle of life, an inevitable fall about to happen, an emotion, a circumstance, etc. To do this, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Or maybe use burst mode on your camera or phone.

Here are 30 certified-real shots, taken a few seconds before a fall.

1. Is the cat afraid or is he just playing with this poor lizard?

2. Here is what the gates of hell look like for a fish...

3. It was the best concert of her life, until...

4. No one gets to drink my milk! No one!

5. In a few seconds, this ring will turn into a bloodbath

6. At least there will be a picture of the cake to remember it

7. Chicken will always do! After all, it's meat!

8. He’s pretty bold! 

9. You have to get soaked before getting in the water, it seems! 

10. Here are the last few seconds before a snowball fight

11. When one’s death become someone else’s breakfast... 

12. A few seconds before the impact...

13. The turn was taken a little too far outside, a hazard of the trade

14. Nothing has happened YET in this picture, but we already hurt for him! 

15. The technique isn’t bad ...they’ll either stay in the boat, or they won’t!

16. Yet again, the fall may be very harsh...

17. A few seconds before someone gets fired 

18. The "danse macabre," or the dance of death

19. How can you think of catching anything but a wave!

20. This dog could be named “Jesus!” 

21. To me! To me! Oh, crap!

22. Uh-oh. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

23. How can we accept death better than dancing for it?

24. At best, he will regret it. At worst… 

25. This picture is full of testosterone

26. The swimming pool is open to everyone today! 

27. Who’s more afraid of the other?

28. "I told you not to take a picture! Did I stutter?" 

29. An earthquake 

30. No matter what happens, given the price of the cake, it will be eaten…